Fort Canning Reservoir

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Coordinates: 1°17′37″N 103°50′48″E / 1.29361°N 103.84667°E / 1.29361; 103.84667

Fort Canning Service Reservoir

The Fort Canning Service Reservoir (Chinese: 福康宁备水池) is an underground reservoir located on top of Fort Canning Hill[1] in Singapore. The reservoir was constructed in 1926 on the former site of a large artillery barracks and parade ground to help supplement the large impounding reservoirs. Water is pumped from the large reservoirs into the service reservoirs, thus enabling water to flow down the hill into houses.

Earlier service reservoirs were built on Mount Emily (1878), Pearl's Hill (1903), and Bukit Timah Hill.

Before the Fort Canning Service Reservoir was built, a spring gushing from the southwest side of Fort Canning Hill served as an important source of water for centuries.


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