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Founders Cup Trophy
2006 Founders Cup Logo

The Founders' Cup is the championship trophy of Canada's Junior "B" lacrosse leagues. The custodial duties of this trophy fall upon the Canadian Lacrosse Association. The national champions are determined through a round robin format with a playdown for the final.

Competitive leagues[edit]

Founders' Cup Champions[edit]

Year Champion Finalist Third Host
Castrol Cup era
1964 Guelph Mohawks (ON)
1965 Huntsville Legionaires (ON)
1966 New Westminster Athletics (BC)
1967 Elora Mohawks (ON)
1968 Elora Mohawks (ON)
1969 Vancouver Grandview (BC)
1970 Whitby Transporters (ON)
1971 Victoria McDonalds (BC)
Founders Cup era
1972 Long Branch PCO's* (ON)
1973 NOTL Warriors (ON)
1974 Whitby Transporters (ON)
1975 Windsor Warlocks (ON) Esquimalt (BC) North Glenora Blues (AB) Edmonton, AB
1976 Elora Mohawks (ON) Burnaby (BC) Windsor Warlocks (ON) Windsor, ON
1977 Scarborough Saints (ON) St. John's, NL
1978 Point Edward Pacers (ON)
1979 Point Edward Pacers (ON)
1980 Enoch Tomahawks (AB) Toronto Beaches (ON) Owen Sound Signmen (ON) Baie-Comeau, QC
1981 NOTL Warriors (ON)
1982 Owen Sound Signmen (ON) Delta Islanders (BC) Port Coquitlam, BC
1983 Point Edward Pacers (ON)
1984 Point Edward Pacers (ON) Scarborough Saints (ON) Huntsville, ON
1985 Scarborough Saints (ON)
1986 Mississauga Tomahawks (ON) Alberta (AB) Halifax, NS
1987 Kitchener-Waterloo Braves (ON)
1988 Kitchener-Waterloo Braves (ON) Sarnia, ON
1989 Orangeville Northmen (ON)
1990 Orangeville Northmen (ON) Port Coquitlam Saints (BC) Esquimalt, BC
1991 Huntsville Hawks (ON)
1992 Scarborough Saints (ON) Orillia Kings (ON) Scarborough, ON
1993 Owen Sound Flying Dutchmen (ON) Orillia Kings (ON) Winnipeg, MB
1994 Orillia Kings (ON)
1995 Orillia Kings (ON) St. Catharines, ON
1996 Spartan Warriors (ON) Orillia Kings (ON)
1997 Six Nations Red Rebels (ON) Orillia Kings (ON) Etobicoke, ON
1998 Clarington Green Gaels (ON) Iroquois Nation (ILA) Six Nations Red Rebels (ON) Akwesasne
1999 Edmonton Miners (AB) Milton Mavericks (ON) Clarington Green Gaels (ON) Milton, ON
2000 Clarington Green Gaels (ON) Iroquois Nation (ILA) Elora Mohawks (ON) Clarington, ON
2001 Wallaceburg Red Devils (ON) Edmonton Miners (AB) Scarborough Saints (ON) Edmonton, AB
2002 Clarington Green Gaels (ON) St. Catharines Spartans (ON) Edmonton Miners (AB) Georgetown, ON
2003 Barrie Tornado (ON) Coquitlam Adanacs (BC) Prince George Posse (BC) Port Coquitlam, BC
2004 Clarington Green Gaels (ON) Elora Mohawks (ON) Edmonton Warriors (AB) Elora, ON
2005 Elora Mohawks (ON) Edmonton Warriors (AB) Iroquois Nation (ILA) Saskatoon, SK
2006 Oakville Buzz (ON) Windsor AKO Fratmen (ON) Calgary Shamrocks (AB) Windsor, ON
2007 Six Nations Rebels (ON) Coquitlam Adanacs (BC) Calgary Shamrocks (AB) Kamloops, BC
2008 Six Nations Rebels (ON) Guelph Regals (ON) Iroquois Nation (ILA) Guelph, ON
2009 Calgary Mountaineers (AB) Clarington Green Gaels (ON) Edmonton Warriors (AB) Edmonton, AB
2010 Halton Hills Bulldogs (ON) Mimico Mountaineers (ON) Calgary Mountaineers (AB) Etobicoke, ON
2011 Six Nations Rebels (ON) Calgary Mountaineers (AB) Saskatchewan SWAT (SK) Saskatoon, SK
2012 Six Nations Rebels (ON)[1] Akwesasne Indians (ON) Calgary Mountaineers (AB) Hagersville, ON
2013 Six Nations Rebels (ON) Calgary Mountaineers (AB) Onondaga Redhawks (ILA) Winnipeg, MN
2014 Six Nations Rebels (ON)[2] Seneca WarChiefs (FNLA) Nova Scotia All-Stars (NS) Halifax, NS
2015 Akwesasne Indians (ON) Seneca WarChiefs (FNLA) Calgary Mountaineers (AB) Calgary, AB
2016 Orangeville Northmen (ON)[3] Clarington Green Gaels (ON) Seneca WarChiefs (FNLA) Orangeville, ON
2017 Orangeville Northmen (ON)[4] Red Deer Rampage (AB) Seneca WarChiefs (FNLA) Saskatoon, SK

(*) denotes in 1972, the Founders Cup was awarded to the Junior "C" Champion instead of the Junior "B" Champion.


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