Four Sisters

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Four Sisters
Also known as'Four Sisters' Story'
Written byOh Soo-yeon
Directed byLee Jin-suk
Country of originSouth Korea
Original language(s)Korean
No. of episodes20
Producer(s)Shin Ho-gyun
Production company(s)JS Pictures
Original networkMunhwa Broadcasting Corporation
Original releaseJune 13 (2001-06-13) – August 16, 2001 (2001-08-16)
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Four Sisters
Revised RomanizationNe Jamae Iyagi
McCune–ReischauerNe Chamae Iyagi

Four Sisters (Hangul네 자매 이야기; RRNe Jamae Iyagi; lit. "The Story of Four Sisters") is a 2001 South Korean television series starring Hwang Soo-jung, Chae Rim, Ahn Yeon-hong, Park Ye-jin, Han Jae-suk, Kim Chan-woo, Ji Jin-hee, Park Chul and Nam Sung-jin. It aired on MBC from June 13 to August 16, 2001, on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 21:55 for 20 episodes.


Jung Hae-jung is the eldest of four sisters, and is kind and giving to her younger sisters - even though she's actually their half-sister. In contrast, second sister Yu-jin is ambitious and straightforward, and cares deeply for family friend Young-hoon. Third sister Yu-mi is materialistic, and gets engaged to a rich man, despite being more compatible with her ex-boyfriend Tae-suk. And fourth sister Yoo-sun is a high school student with heart problems and has a crush on her teacher. Each sister struggles to find true love, and conflicts and difficulties arise. But through it all, they remain true to each other.


Main characters
  • Hwang Soo-jung as Jung Hae-jung (oldest sister)
  • Chae Rim as Dr. Jung Yu-jin (second sister)
  • Ahn Yeon-hong as Jung Yu-mi (third sister)
  • Park Ye-jin as Jung Yoo-sun (fourth sister)
  • Han Jae-suk as Dr. Lee Young-hoon (family friend)
  • Kim Chan-woo as Min Jun-ha (sports agent)
  • Ji Jin-hee as Han Tae-suk (Yu-mi's boyfriend)
  • Park Chul as Kim Ki-chul (widowed coach)
  • Nam Sung-jin as Seo Jae-yeon (Yu-mi's fiance)
Supporting characters
  • Lee Jung-gil as Dr. Jung Jae-bong (sisters' father)
  • Kim Young-ran as Dr. Jung's wife
  • Kim Yong-gun as Dr. Min Yun-taek (Jun-ha's uncle)
  • Kim Se-joon as Han Bong-pal (Dr. Jung's younger brother)
  • Noh Hyun-hee as Kim Hwa-mi (nurse, Bong-pal's friend)
  • Lee Geun-hee as Jong-shik (Tae-suk's partner at work)
  • Yang Geum-seok as Kim Soon-young (Young-hoon's mother)
  • Kim Ji-young as Pyung Yang-daek (Young-hoon's grandmother)
  • Shin Ae as Yoo-sun's classmate
  • Sung Hyun-ah as Min Su-jin (Jun-ha's cousin and Dr. Min's daughter)
  • Lee Dong-wook as Lee Han-soo (American football player, Ep. 1)
  •  ? as Shin Dong-soo (Hae-jung's admirer)
  •  ? as Im Ae-ri
  •  ? as Supervisor Yun (Jun-ha's assistant)
  •  ? as Lee Shin-hee (project manager)


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