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Fragments of a Hologram Rose

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"Fragments of a Hologram Rose"
Short story by William Gibson
Cover of a French collection of Gibson's short stories, with "Fragments" as the title story
Genre(s)Science fiction
Published inUnearth
Publication typePeriodical
Media typePrint (magazine)
Publication date1977
Johnny Mnemonic

"Fragments of a Hologram Rose" is a science fiction short story by William Gibson. It was Gibson's first published work, originally appearing in Unearth magazine #3 (June 21, 1977), a short-lived science fiction collection magazine which retailed for $1.00; Gibson was paid $23 for the story.[1] It tells the story of a jilted ex-lover who relies on artificial sense-recordings to sleep, in a dark, polluted city. It was subsequently published in Burning Chrome, a collection of Gibson's early short fiction.


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