François Bourguignon

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François Bourguignon
Born (1945-05-22) May 22, 1945 (age 72)
Nationality French
Institution Ecole des hautes études en sciences sociales-Paris School of Economics
Alma mater University of Western Ontario
Bernard Salanié (fr)
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François Bourguignon (born May 22, 1945) is the former Chief Economist (2003–2007) of the World Bank. He has been the Director of the Paris School of Economics,[1] and from 1985 to his retirement in 2013 a professor of economics at the École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales in Paris.[2] in 2016 Bourguignon was awarded the Dan David Prize.


He has a PhD from the University of Western Ontario.[3]

Selected publications[edit]


  • Bourguignon, François; Atkinson, Anthony B. (2000). Handbook of income distribution. Amsterdam New York: Elvesier. ISBN 9780444816313. 
  • Bourguignon, François; Pereira da Silva, Luiz A. (2003). The impact of economic policies on poverty and income distribution: evaluation techniques and tools. Washington, DC: World Bank and Oxford University Press, New York. ISBN 9780821354919. 
  • Bourguignon, François; Lustig, Nora; Ferreira, Francisco (2005). The microeconomics of income distribution dynamics: in East Asia and Latin America. Washington, DC New York: World Bank Oxford University Press. ISBN 9780821358610. 
  • Bourguignon, François; Bussolo, Maurizio; Pereira da Silva, Luiz A. (2008). The impact of macroeconomic policies on poverty and income distribution: macro-micro evaluation techniques and tools. Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire New York Washington, DC: Palgrave Macmillan World Bank. ISBN 9780821357781. 
  • Bourguignon, François (2015). The Globalization of Inequality. Translated by Scott-Railton, Thomas. Princeton University Press. ISBN 9780691160528. 

Chapters in books[edit]

  • Bourguignon, François (2005), "The effect of economic growth on social structures", in Aghion, Philippe; Durlauf, Steven N., Handbook of economic growth, 1B, Amsterdam: Elsevier, pp. 1701–1748, ISBN 9780444520432. 
  • Bourguignon, François; Stern, Nicholas; Pereira da Silva, Luiz A. (2006), "Evaluating the poverty impact of economic policies: some analytical challenges", in Mody, Ashoka; Pattillo, Catherine, Macroeconomic policies and poverty, London New York: Routledge, ISBN 041570071X.  Pdf version.
  • Bourguignon, François; Chakravarty, Satay R. (2009), "Multidimensional poverty orderings: theory and applications", in Kanbur, Ravi; Basu, Kaushik, Arguments for a better world: essays in honor of Amartya Sen | Volume I: Ethics, welfare, and measurement, Oxford New York: Oxford University Press, pp. 337–362, ISBN 9780199239115. 

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Business positions
Preceded by
Nicholas Stern
World Bank Chief Economist
Succeeded by
Justin Yifu Lin