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Franck Vogel
Franck Vogel Portrait.jpg
Born 1977
Strasbourg, France
Occupation Photojournalist specializing in social & environmental issues
Known for Bishnoi, Transboundary Rivers

Franck Vogel (born 1977, in Strasbourg, France) is a French photographer specializing in social & environmental issues, journalist, speaker and documentary film director. He lives and works in Paris.[1]

Life and work[edit]

Vogel studied biochemistry at Louis Pasteur University in Strasbourg, France, and at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania, USA; and engineering at AgroParisTech,[2] attaining a master's degree in 2001

During 2002 he hitchhiked in Africa and Asia and took up photography in 2003.[1]

Vogel is known for his stories on environmental issues (The Bishnois: ecologists since the 15th century),[3] social (Albinos: Massacre in Tanzania),[4][5] ethnological (Vlachs of the Balkans, the most discreet community in the Balkans)[6] and geopolitics (a long term project on some transboundary rivers[7] experiencing tension due to water access including the Nile, the Brahmaputra, the Colorado River[8] and the Jordan River[9]). He was interviewed by BBC News[10] on his rivers' project while visiting Singapore for his exhibit at Gardens by the Bay,[11] and gave talks at Columbia University with the Earth Institute both on the Bishnois[12] and on the Transboundary Rivers' project.[13] La Martinière, a French publishing house, released in Sept 2016 the 1st volume Fleuves Frontières (Transboundary Rivers: Will war for water happen?),[14] and in the meantime an exhibition on the Colorado River is presented in Paris at the Pavillon de l'Eau.[15]

His work has been published in GEO magazine, Stern, Paris Match, NRC Weekblad, Animan, Le Monde diplomatique. He has had exhibitions in two Parisian Metro stations (Montparnasse and Luxembourg),[16] in Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur[17] in India, Photokina[18] in Germany, in Yangon in Burma, in Dali[19] in China and in Kazakhstan (Astana and Almaty).[20]

Vogel wrote and co-directed a documentary film The Bishnois: India's eco-warriors (Rajasthan, l'âme d'un prophète) (52 min, France 5, 2011).[21] The film was awarded the Phoenix d'Or 2011[22][23] and the Terre Sauvage Award 2013.[24] Télérama magazine wrote of it that "If everyone could watch this documentary, the Earth would be better off".[25][26] In October 2013, he received the highest recognition by the Bishnoi community to spread the Bishnoi philosophy.[27]

He is an ambassador for Green Cross, Mikhaïl Gorbatchev's environmental NGO.[28]


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