François Brandt

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François Brandt
François Brandt, Roelof Klein and unknown French Boy (1900 Summer Olympics) cropped.jpg
François Brandt (left), Roelof Klein and their coxswain at the 1900 Olympics
Personal information
Born 29 December 1874
Zoeterwoude, Netherlands
Died 4 July 1949 (aged 74)
Naarden, Netherlands
Sport Rowing
Club Laga, Delft

François Brandt (29 December 1874 – 4 July 1949) was a Dutch rower who competed at the 1900 Summer Olympics in Paris. Brandt was part of the Dutch eight team that won a bronze medal with Hermanus Brockmann as the coxswain. Brockmann also steered the boat of Brandt and Roelof Klein in the coxed pairs semifinal, which they lost to France. The pair realized that the 60 kg weight of Brockmann puts them in disadvantage; they replaced him with a local boy of 33 kg and won the final narrowly beating the French team.[1]

Brandt had a degree in civil engineering and until 1938 worked for the Dutch railways. Later he became bishop for Belgium and Netherlands for the Liberal Catholic Church.[1]


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