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Frankston Symphony Orchestra (FSO) is one of ten community orchestras in Victoria, Australia. It is from the Melbourne suburb of Frankston on the Mornington Peninsula. The orchestra forms a part of the Frankston Music Society, which also includes the Mornington Peninsula Chorale.


Frankston Music Society was founded in 1967 by the world-renowned pianist Vera Bradford and fellow residents from the area.[1][2] The orchestra was formed first in 1968, with the chorale to follow in 1979.[2]

Bradford raised the profile of the orchestra dramatically during its early years. She performed with it herself as well as organised notable soloists to perform with it, including Ron Farren-Price and Geoffrey Tozer.[1] The orchestra has also had a number of notable past conductors, including Eric Austin-Phillips, George Logie-Smith OBE, Yoshinao Osawa, Joannes Roose and Mark Shiell.[3][4][5][6][7]


The orchestra performs regularly at the Frankston Arts Centre and also tours regional Victoria.[8] Apart from traditional concerts, the orchestra also performs concerts of children's music, film and television scores and contemporary pieces.


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