Franz, Duke of Hohenberg

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Duke of Hohenberg
Predecessor Maximilian, Duke of Hohenberg
Successor Georg, Duke of Hohenberg
Spouse(s) Princess Elisabeth of Luxembourg
Princess Anna
Princess Sophie
Father Maximilian, Duke of Hohenberg
Mother Countess Maria of Waldburg at Wolfegg and Waldsee
Born (1927-09-13)13 September 1927
Died 16 August 1977(1977-08-16) (aged 49)

Franz Ferdinand, Duke of Hohenberg (born 13 September 1927 at Artstetten Castle, Austria – died 16 August 1977 at Ried in der Riedmark, Austria). He was the eldest son of Maximilian, Duke of Hohenberg and Countess Maria of Waldburg at Wolfegg and Waldsee. He was also a grandson of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and Hungary and his morganatic wife Sophie, Duchess of Hohenberg. By definition of a morganatic marriage, he was excluded as Heir Presumptive to the throne of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

Following the collapse of the Monarchy, all Austrian titles were abolished by law in 1919 and from there on the names consists only of prename and surname, without von or title, scilicet Franz Ferdinand Hohenberg.


He was born His Serene Highness Prince Franz Ferdinand of Hohenberg, but in 1962 on the death of his father, he became the 2nd Duke of Hohenberg and Head of the House of Hohenberg.

On 9 May 1956 in Luxembourg, Prince Franz married HRH Princess Elisabeth of Luxembourg, a daughter of Charlotte, Grand Duchess of Luxembourg. The couple had two children:

  • HSH Princess Anna (Anita) of Hohenberg born Schloss Berg, Luxembourg, 18 August 1958; married 1st Luxembourg 15 July 1978 (rel) Artstetten Castle 22 July 1978 (div 1998) Romée de la Poëze, Count of Harambure (born Düsseldorf 15 July 1949) with issue; married secondly 9 July 2005 at Schloss Kornberg to Count Andreas von Bardeau (born Graz 13 Feb 1957) no issue.
  • HSH Princess Sophie of Hohenberg, born Schloss Berg, Luxembourg, 10 May 1960 and married at Artstetten Castle, 18 June 1983 Jean-Louis Marie René Ghislain de Potesta (born Liège 8 February 1951) with issue.

Since he had no sons, he was succeeded by his younger brother Georg as Duke of Hohenberg and head of the House of Hohenberg.


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Duke of Hohenberg
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