Frederick VIII, Count of Zollern

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Friedrich VIII, Count of Zollern
Noble family House of Hohenzollern
Father Friedrich VI, Count of Zollern
Mother Kunigunde of Baden
Died 1333

Friedrich VIII, Count of Zollern, nicknamed Easter Sunday (d. 1333) was a Count of Hohenzollern.


Friedrich was the younger son of the Count Friedrich VI of Hohenzollern from his marriage to Kunigunde (1265–1310), the daughter of Margrave Rudolf I of Baden. After his elder brother Friedrich VII died in 1309, Frederik VIII ruled Zollern jointly with his nephew Fritz I. After Fritz I died in 1313, Friedrich VIII ruled alone.

Friedrich VIII founded the Hohenzollern line when he divided the county with his brother.[1] In the power conflict of his time, Friedrich VIII supported the Austrian side, and later sided with Emperor Louis IV.


The name of Friedrich's wife has not been preserved. He had the following children:

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Frederick VIII, Count of Zollern
Died: 1333
Preceded by
Friedrich VII
Count of Hohenzollern
Succeeded by
Friedrich IX