Free Shia Movement

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Free Shia Movement
التيار الشيعي الحرّ
Leader Sheikh Mohammad Al Hajj Hassan
Founded 2006; 9 years ago (2006)
Headquarters Beirut, Lebanon
Religion Shia Muslim
National affiliation March 14 Alliance
Politics of Lebanon
Political parties

Free Shia Movement (Arabic: التيار الشيعي الحرّAl-Tayar Al-Shi'iy Al-Hurr) is a Lebanese Shia political movement allied with the Lebanese opposition March 14 Alliance and opposed to mainstream Shi'ite movements allied with the March 8 Alliance, namely Hezbollah and Amal.

It is headed by Sheikh Mohammad Al Hajj Hassan[1] and is opposed to the alleged political hegemony of Hezbollah and Amal on the Shi'ite community in Lebanon.[2] It also opposed the intervention of Hezbollah in Syrian civil war.[1]


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