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Free World Military Forces (FWMF) was a military force composed of a collective group of six nations who sent troops to fight in the Vietnam War under the FWMF banner, assisting the United States and South Vietnam.[N 1]


The Free World Military Forces supported U.S. and South Vietnamese forces against communist forces, such as the Việt Cộng. The number of troops sent varied greatly, with over 300,000 from South Korea,[1] and only 10 from Spain. Many of these countries fought under their own banners in the Vietnam War, but were part of the FWMF organization, or had troops fighting under both their own banner in addition to sending FWMF forces.

Composition of FWMF forces[edit]


  1. ^ The FWMF consisted of countries that assisted South Vietnam and the United States during the Vietnam War. As a result, South Vietnam and the United States are not usually included as being part of the FWMF.


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