Freewheel (song)

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Single by Duke Special
Released 24 October 2005
29 January 2007
Format Vinyl record (10")
CD single
Genre Alternative rock
Label Izumi Records
V2 Records
Songwriter(s) Duke Special
Duke Special singles chronology

"Freewheel" is a single by Northern Ireland based artist Duke Special, released as a limited edition 10" vinyl disc in 2005, and a CD single in 2007. Freewheel is a new version of a song originally released on the Benzine Headset album Garçon Pamplemousse. It is currently featured in advertisements for the EBS building society.

Track listing[edit]

2005 release[edit]

  1. Freewheel (Jew Street version)
  2. I Let You Down (Like a Tonne Weight)
  3. Soundtrack to "The Company of Olympian Bird Gods"
  4. Something Might Happen

All songs were written by Duke Special, with the exception of "I Let You Down (Like a Tonne Weight)" by Duke Special and Brian Houston.

2007 release[edit]

  1. Freewheel
  2. Drink to Me Only with Thine Eyes (duet with Neil Hannon)
  3. I Think I am Losing You

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