French Directory election, 1798

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French Directory election, 1798
French First Republic
1795 ←
9 and 18 April 1798 → 1815

150 of the 500 seats to the Council of Five Hundred
  First party Second party Third party
  Benjamin Constant.jpg AduC 253 Bonaparte (Lucien, 1775-1840).JPG AduC 203 Barras (P.J.F.N., comte de, 1755-1829.JPG
Leader Benjamin Constant Lucien Bonaparte Paul Barras
Party Clichyen Marais Thermidorian
Seats won 105 44 28

Council of Five Hundred, 1797.svg

The 150's reneweds after the 18 Fructidor 1797

The French Directory election, 1798 renewed 150 deputies (one-third) of the French Council of Five Hundred.

The election was held in April and May and only citizens paying taxes were eligible to vote

Results (1798)[edit]

150 Renewed[edit]

Party Seats
  Montagnards 106
  Thermidorians 44

350 Conventional[edit]

Party Seats
  Thermidorians 167
  Clichyens 112
  Montagnards 71


Party Seats
  Montagnards 104
  Marais 53
  Clichyens 2