French Directory election, 1798

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The French Directory election, 1798 renewed 150 deputies (one-third) of the French Council of Five Hundred.

The election was held in April and May and only citizens paying taxes were eligible to vote

Directory election[edit]

French legislative election, 1798
French First Republic
← 1797 9–18 April 1798 1799 →

150 seats to the Council of Five Hundred
350 from the past legislature

Director before election

François de Neufchâteau

Elected Director

Jean Baptiste Treilhard

Name Tasks Party
Jean-François Rewbell Secretary (Foreign & Financial Affairs)   Thermidorian
Paul Barras Internal Affairs   Thermidorian
Philippe-Antoine Merlin War Affairs   Montagnard
Louis Marie de La Révellière-Lépeaux Culture and Religion Affairs   Thermidorian
Jean Baptiste Treilhard Junior Affairs   Maraisard

Legislative election[edit]

Party  % Renewed seats Prior seats Tot. Seats
  Montagnards 70.7% 106 69 Decrease 175
  Thermidorians 29.3% 44 343 Increase 387
  Maraisards 200 Increase 245
  Royalists 387 Decrease 115
Total 100% 150 657 807