French legislative election, 1852

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French legislative election, 1852
Second French Empire
1849 ←
29 February and 14 March 1852 → 1857

  First party Second party Third party
Party Bonapartist Monarchist Moderate Republican
Seats won 253 7 3
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The 1852 general election organized the first legislature of the French Second Empire. The election was held on 29 February and 14 March. Out of 9,836,043 registered voters, 6,222,983 voted (representing an abstention rate of 36.73%).

Emperor Napoleon III's Bonapartists won a huge majority consisting of 258 seats out of 261. (5 Royalists allied with the Bonapartists). The Parti de l'Ordre that had won a majority in the 1849 election was banned following their opposition to the 1851 coup by President Louis Napoleon Bonaparte.


Party Seats
  Bonapartist "Official candidates" 253
  Monarchists 7
  Republicans 3