French legislative election, February 1871

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French legislative election, 1871
8 February 1871 → 1876

All 675 seats to the National Assembly
338 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party Third party
Party Orléanist Legitimist Moderate Republican
Seats won 214 182 112

  Fourth party Fifth party Sixth party
Party Liberal Radical Republican Bonapartist
Seats won 72 38 20

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French legislative elections to elect the first legislature of the French Third Republic were held on 8 February 1871.

This election was held during an explosive situation in the country: following the Franco-Prussian War, 43 departments were occupied. Thus, all public meetings were outlawed. Only Paris had an electoral campaign.

This election allowed candidates to run in more than one seat at a time. Originally planned to accommodate 765 deputies, this number was reduced as some candidates were elected in more than one seat. Adolphe Thiers was elected in 86 seats.

This election saw the victory of monarchists (Legitimists, Orleanists) favourable to peace with the German Empire win a large majority.


Parliamentary groups[edit]

Affiliation Party Seats
  Radical Republicans 38
  Moderate Republicans 112
  Liberals 72
  Orléanists 214
  Bonapartists 20
  Legitimists 182
Total 675[1]
  1. ^ The Assembly was to have 768 seats, including 15 for the French Colonial Empire and 30 for Alsace-Lorraine which was later annexed by the German Empire. A number of seats were not filled due to multiple elections.
Composition of the National Assembly