French legislative election, 1871

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French legislative election, 1871
French Third Republic
← 1869 8 February 1871 1876 →

All 675 seats to the National Assembly
  Majority party Minority party Third party
  Debrogli.jpg General Ducrot.jpg Jules Favre.jpg
Leader Albert de Broglie Auguste-Alexandre Ducrot Jules Favre
Party Orleanist Legitimist Moderate
Leader's seat Eure Nièvre Rhône
Seats won 214 182 112
Seat change new party new party
Percentage 31.70% 26.96% 16.59%

France Chambre des deputes 1871.png
Composition of the National Assembly

Prime Minister before election

Charles Cousin-Montauban

Elected Prime Minister

Jules Armand Dufaure

Legislative elections were held in France on 8 February 1871 to elect the first legislature of the French Third Republic, the unicameral National Assembly. The elections were held during a situation of crisis in the country, as following the Franco-Prussian War, 43 departments were occupied by Prussian forces. As a result, all public meetings were outlawed and Paris was the only city where an election campaign took place.

The electoral law allowed candidates to run in more than one seat at a time. As a result, several candidates were elected in more than one seat, with Adolphe Thiers elected in 86 constituencies. A series of by-elections were subsequently held on 2 July to elect representatives for the 114 vacant seats.

This election saw the victory of monarchists (Legitimists and Orleanists), favourable to peace with the German Empire, with a large majority.


Affiliation Party Seats
Republicans   Radical Republicans 38
  Moderate Republicans 112
  Liberals 72
  Orléanists 214
  Bonapartists 20
  Legitimists 182
Total 675[1]


  1. ^ The Assembly was to have 768 seats, including 15 for the French Colonial Empire and 30 for Alsace-Lorraine which was later annexed by the German Empire. A number of seats were not filled due to multiple elections.