Fribourg Cathedral

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Cathedral of St Nicholas
Cathédrale St-Nicolas
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46°48′22″N 7°9′47″E / 46.80611°N 7.16306°E / 46.80611; 7.16306Coordinates: 46°48′22″N 7°9′47″E / 46.80611°N 7.16306°E / 46.80611; 7.16306
Location Fribourg
Country Switzerland
Denomination Roman Catholic
Website Website
Founded 1283
Status Active
Functional status Parish church
Cathedral (since 1945)
Style Gothic architecture
Completed 1490
Diocese Lausanne, Geneva and Fribourg
Bishop(s) Charles Morerod

The Cathedral of St. Nicholas in Fribourg, built in the Gothic style, dominates the center of the medieval town of Fribourg (Switzerland). It is built on a rocky outcrop 50 metres above the river Sarine (Saane).


The main body of the church was started in 1283 and completed by 1430. The tower was completed in 1490. It is 76 metres tall and houses 11 bells. It also features a rose window above the main portal with stained glass by Harrison Weltlich (1988). The stained-glass windows, created by the Polish painter Jozef Mehoffer between 1896 and 1936, constitute one of the most important collection of religious Art Nouveau stained-glass windows.

Originally a parish church, in 1945 it became the cathedral of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Lausanne, Geneva and Fribourg.


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