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Industry Robots
Founded 1995
Founder Udi Peless and Shai Abramson
Headquarters Israel
Area served
United States, Europe,
Products robotic lawn mowers
A Robomow City 110 manufactured by Friendly Robotics in action in a garden in Denmark.

Robomow (also known as 'Friendly Robotics') is a manufacturer of robotic lawn mowers. Founded in Even Yehuda, Israel in 1995 by Udi Peless and Shai Abramson, the company provides robotic lawnmowers to the United States and Europe, with prices ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars/Euros. Robomow mowers are rechargeable, environmentally-friendly designed to meet all safety standards. Robomow also comes with its own mobile application (the Robomow app) for remote and interactive control. The company has been mentioned in several magazines including: Design News, Business Wire, Washington Home and Garden and Vanity Fair.


Robomow was originally named ‘Friendly Machines’ with the goal of constructing robots that will, as Udi Peless says in Space Daily, "move in and around the home, doing the mundane tasks that people do not like to do anymore",.[1]

The Robomow Classic model debuted in the GLEE exhibition in Birmingham, UK in 1997 and was the ‘father’ of Friendly Robotics’ official first model. This Classic model was launched for sale in 1998, selling approximately 4000 units between 1998 and 2001.

The company name was changed to Friendly Robotics in 1999.[2]

In 2000, the second generation of robotic mowers arrived: the Robomow ‘RL’ platform. Compared to the Robomow Classic, Robomow RL was more advanced, smaller, lighter and significantly more user-friendly. Further enhancements included the Base Station, enabling users to create a periodic lawn mowing program.

In 2008, the Robomow ‘RM’ product line made its debut as the third generation of robotic lawn mowers. Smaller, lighter and an improved version of the RL line, RM was designed specifically for the smaller lawn, which up until now, had been largely ignored.

In 2011, Robomow introduced its ‘RED’ Robomow line; a younger and slightly lower cost version of the successful RL and RM models. These models were and still are sold at DIY and Consumer Electronics chains, as well as on the Internet.

2013 saw the birth of the Robomow ‘RS’ product line, the fourth generation of robotic mowers.

In 2014, Robomow introduced its fifth generation of robotic mowers: its ‘RC’ models. These mowers were designed for lawns of up to 1200 m2 and are fully programmable via the Robomow App.

Robomow models[edit]

RC/MC: these models have a 28 cm wide blade that fit any lawn of up to 1200m2. They can be installed outside of the lawn for not interrupting with the normal use of the lawn.

RS/MS: these models have a 56 cm cutting width supported by two 28 cm blades, which are suitable for any lawn up to 3500m2.

Key Executives[edit]

Name Position
Udi Peless Co-Founder, CEO and VP of Marketing
Shai Abramson Co-Founder and CTO
Noa Chen Chief Financial Officer
Ofer Laufer COO
Dedy Gur VP Customer Satisfaction and Quality Assurance
Ard Schaap Europe Territory Manager



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