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Mina Fujii
Mina Fujii at Korea-Japan Festival 2014 in Seoul.jpg
Mina Fujii at the Korea-Japan Festival 2014
Native name 藤井 美菜
Born (1988-07-15) July 15, 1988 (age 27)
San Diego, California, United States
Nationality Japanese
Alma mater Keio University
Occupation Actress, model, TV personality
Years active 1998–present
Agent Japan Humanite
South Korea Dragon Heart Global
Height 1.66 m (5 ft 5 12 in)

Mina Fujii (藤井 美菜 Fujii Mina?, born July 15, 1988) is a Japanese actress, model, and TV personality. She started her career in the entertainment industry at the age of nine.[1] She is best known for her role in the TV adaptation of Bloody Monday, Kyōfu, and for appearing in TVXQ's Why Did I Fall In Love With You music video.


When Fujii was nine years old, she auditioned for the musical Shanpo no Mori de Nemuru in Niigata at the recommendation of her mother. She appeared in the musical Scrooge in 1999, A Little Princess in 2000, Fadette in 2001, and Hanshin in 2002.[citation needed]

Fujii made her film debut in 2005, when she played as Miki Onaka in Simsons. In 2008, Fujii played the leading character of Toru Ikegami in Ame No Tsubasa. In the same year, she starred as Asada Aoi in the manga-based drama Bloody Monday.

In 2012, Fujii played a cameo of Mina in Panda and Hedgehog and Akiko in The King of Dramas.[1]

In 2013, Fujii starred in the MBC reality show We Got Married Global alongside with Lee Hongki. In 2014, Fujii played the character of Oshikiri in the Korean remake of the Japanese film Monsterzand Mika Aota in the tokusatsu comedy film Joshi Zu.

Personal life[edit]

Fujii writes a film critic column for Barfout.[2] Fujii speaks and reads Korean.[1]


Television dramas[edit]

Year Title Role Network Notes
2007 Broccoli Inaho Yamasita Fuji TV
2008 Shikaotoko Aoniyoshi Fuji TV Episode 1-7,10
2008 The Fantastic Deer-Man Masayo Sakura Fuji TV
2008 Team Batista Eri Aoki Fuji TV Episode 4
2008 Bloody Monday Aoi Asada TBS
2010 Bloody Monday Season 2 Aoi Asada TBS
2010 Shukumei 1969-2010 Akiko Shiroi TV Asahi
2010 Shaken Baby! Shakespeare Syndrome Umino Azusa CX
2010 General Rouge no Gaisen Fuji TV Episode 2
2010 Tenshi no Wakemae Keiko NHK
2010 Face-Maker Anzai Erina NTV / YTV Episode 3/File 3
2011 The Beautiful Neighbor Ami Mashita Fuji TV / KTV
2012 Koisuru Maison: Rainbow Rose Reika TV Tokyo / Tooniverse Second co-starring with Julien Kang
2012 Hungry! Momoko Fuji TV Episode 8
2012 Somato Kabushiki Gaisha Numata Shinobu TBS Disk 3
2012 Panda and Hedgehog Mina Channel A Cameo (Episode 8 & 9)
2012 The King of Dramas Akiko SBS
2012 Drama Special-Another Wedding Minse Eun KBS2
2013 Ookaechizen NHK BS Premium 2nd episode, "Reproved Shogun"
2013 Potato Star 2013QR3 Mina tvJ Noh's neighbor
2014 The Story Of The Detective Boy Kindaichi, Neo Giselle Tsukuyomi NTV/YTV Episode 8 & 9/File 8 & 9
2014 Bullet Train of Wives Shima Tayo NHK BS Premium


Year Title Role Notes
2005 Simsons Miki Onaka
2007 The Signs of Love Asuka Miyamoto
2008 Ame no Tsubasa Toru Ikegami flower
2008 10 Promises to My Dog Cameo [Note 1]
2010 All to the Sea Yuka
2010 Kyōfu Kaori
2010 Abacus and Sword Sei Inoshiyama
2013 Jinro Game Marie Inoue
2014 Monsterz Oshikiri
2014 Joshi Zu Mika Aota
2015 Amor Mysterious Girl
2015 My New Sassy Girl Yuko
  1. ^ Theme song by BoA titled "Be With You".


Year Title Director
1998 Shanpo-no-mori-de-nemuru Yoshihiro Kurita
1999 Scrooge Tudor Davis
2000 A Little Princess Santa Tonakai
2001 Fadette Yoshihiro Kurita
2002 Hanshin Seisuke Yamazaki
2015 Peer Gynt Akira Shirai


Year Title Network Notes
2008 Jump! CX
2012 Trunq Daegu Tokyo MX with Song Joong-ki
2013 Strong Heart SBS Episode 163 & 164
2013 We Got Married Global MBC with Lee Hong-gi
2013 Quiz to Change the World MBC Episode 224
2014 Sebaki MBC
2014 Bankurawase Fuji TV
2014 The King Of Food KBS
2014 Hello! Stranger MBC [3]
2015 Match Made in Heaven Returns MBC [4]

Music videos[edit]

Year Artist Track Notes
2007 Infinity 16 "Welcomez Minmi, 10-Feet (Manatsu no Orion 真夏のオリオン)"
2008 Tohoshinki "Why Did I Fall In Love With You" with Murakami Koki
2009 Miho Fukuhara "Yasashii Aka" 32 minute short film, with Tsutsui Mariko and Tanaka Yoji
2009 S.R.S "Wonder Song"
2011 Hiromi Sakimoto "Yoake-no-Ballade"
2011 Every Little Thing "Moon" with Jang Geun Suk
2012 Zia "Because I'm Upset (속상해서)" (also known as "Depressed") with Julien Kang
2013 Shinhwa "This Love" from The Classic album[5]
2013 Heo Young Saeng "Weak Child" Special Album She
2013 Juju "Mamotte Agetai"


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