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Launched 1 December 1995 (1995-12-01)
Owned by On-Media (1995–2009)
CJ E&M (2010–Present)
Country Korea

Tooniverse (Hangul투니버스; RRtunibeoseu; portmanteau shorten for Cartoon Universe) is an anime and cartoon channel broadcast by CJ E&M in South Korea.

Tooniverse started airing in December 1995 and is currently one of the leading anime channels in South Korea. It offers a wide variety of animation for different age groups.

In 2012 Tooniverse created their first teen television series, Ma Boy.[1] The Starleague professional StarCraft: Brood War broadcasts began as a program on Tooniverse before being spun-off onto a dedicated gaming channel, Ongamenet.



Toonichoice Winner[edit]

In 2004
In 2005
In 2006
Sgt. Frog
In 2007
Ouran High School Host Club
In 2008
In 2009
Case Closed
In 2010
Case Closed
In 2011
Case Closed

Currently Airing[edit]

For Ages 7+
For Ages 12+
For Ages 15+


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