Fulton Mall (Fresno)

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This article is about Fulton Mall (Fresno). For the street in Brooklyn, see Fulton Mall (Brooklyn).

Coordinates: 36°44′05″N 119°47′28″W / 36.7348°N 119.7912°W / 36.7348; -119.7912

Fulton Mall

Fulton Mall is a six-block pedestrian mall located in the central business district of Fresno, California. The mall runs along historic Fulton Street between Inyo and Tuolumne Streets and is home to a wide variety of shopping, restaurants, offices and public art. The Downtown Fresno Partnership (formerly the Downtown Association of Fresno) [1] is the local business improvement district.

Originally called J Street, it was renamed Fulton Street in honor of prominent local financier Fulton G. Berry after his death in 1910. As part of a major urban renewal effort in the 1960s, Fulton Street was transformed into Fulton Mall under the supervision of pioneering Austrian architect Victor Gruen and American landscape architect Garrett Eckbo. The mall was dedicated on September 1, 1964, to much fanfare.[2] During this time the mall contained major retailers such as Gottschalks, Montgomery Ward, Woolworth, and JCPenney.

The Fulton Mall has declined in recent decades and is consistently the subject of revitalization efforts. Vacancy rates in buildings are high and many storefronts sit empty. It was nominated in 2008 to the National Register of Historic Places, but was not placed on the register due to objections from a majority of property owners. However, because of its eligibility, the mall is now listed on the California Register of Historical Resources.

Today, very few chain stores remain on the mall, with Payless Shoesource, CVS/Pharmacy, Goodwill, Fallas Discount Stores, Metro PCS, and Subway being the last. Most of the spaces are rented out to small family businesses.

In September 2013, the City of Fresno received a $15.9 million TIGER Grant from the US Department of Transportation to reintroduce traffic to Fulton. On February 27, 2014, the Fresno City Council decided the fate of Fulton Mall with a 5-2 vote in favor of putting traffic back on Fulton street. [3]


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