Gaelcholáiste Chéitinn

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Gaelcholáiste Chéitinn
The Mall
Clonmel, County Tipperary
Republic of Ireland
School type Gaelcholáiste, Secondary
Founded 2004
Principal Cathal Mac Íomhair
Secondary years taught First through sixth
Gender Mixed
Age range 12–19

Gaelcholáiste Chéitinn (Irish pronunciation: [ˈɡeːl̪xəl̪ˠaːʃtʲə ˈxeːtʲɪnʲ]) is a Gaelscoil catering to second level students from Clonmel and the surrounding area. It is located at the site of the former Central Technical Institute (CTI) on the Mall.

The school was established in September 2004 with a three-year probationary period.[1] By 2006 it had 26 students[2] and it was officially opened in 2009, having at that time an enrollment of 95 students.[3] The school is under the auspices of the Tipperary Education and Training Board (ETB).


The name Chéitinn was chosen out of respect for the scholar and poet Geoffrey Keating.[4]

Geoffrey Keating's prose writings have earned him the title of father of modern Irish prose. To honour his work and to emphasise the respect for learning and for the native Irish language and culture the Gaelcholáiste has been named after him.

Students and classes[edit]

The Gaelcholáiste is under the direct authority of the Principal of CTI, Charlie McGeever. Mathúin Ó Caoimh, the acting Múinteoir i bhFeighil, is responsible for administration. The students are based in one general subjects room, but move to the Woodwork, Science and Computer Rooms as appropriate. When the Coláiste opened in 2004 there were 14 first year students, 13 boys and one girl. 11 of these, including the girl, came from the local Gaelscoil. The other 3 came from different primary schools in the area. They integrated well, and there was a remarkably good spirit in the class.

It is gratifying to note that 8 of the 14 students have at least one parent who is a past pupil of CTI. These students have since, to the great pride of the staff, completed their cycle at 2nd level and moved on to further education.

Due to the continued success of the Gael Choláiste a dedicated building was built and officially opened in 2009. Junior students (first year to third year)study 13 subjects, 11 subjects are non-optional which include Irish, English, science, French, business studies, mathematics, religion, P.E., SPHE, computers and civics. The optional subjects include woodwork, music, home economics, art, technical graphics, metalwork, geography and history.Senior students (T.Y. To sixth year) study 11 subjects. Non optional subjects include Irish, English, mathematics, French, religion,


It is a matter of particular satisfaction that it proved possible to staff the Gaelcholáiste almost totally from within the existing staff of Coláiste Chluain Meala (as the second level element of CTI is now called). When the Coláiste opened both the Principal, Charlie McGeever and the then Vice-Principal, Shane Hallahan, taught in the Gaelcholáiste, along with the Múinteoir i bhFeighil (Math in a Caoimhnd nine other staff members.The current Muinteoir i bhFeighil is Lorna Ni Ghallchobhair.

Several new staff members have been employed since that time.

Coiste na Meánscoile[edit]

In 2002, a public meeting was held and a committee, Coiste na Meánscoile, was established under the energetic chairmanship of Ruairí Ó Caisleáin.

The other members of the Coiste were Seán Ó Meachair, Karen and Stiofán Mac Amhalghaidh, Gerry McEvoy, Marie Laste, Marian Fitzgerald, Pa English, Frank Lynch and Mathúin Ó Caoimh.


The public support is already in evidence; the existence of Gaelscoileanna in Clonmel and Carrick (some of whose pupils started travelling to the Gaelcholáiste in September 2006). These, along with the successful Naíonraí in Clonmel, Newcastle and Carrick, give cause for confidence in the longer future of Gaelcholáiste Chéitinn.

The first Múinteoir i bhFeighil was Mathúin Ó Caoimh who played a quiet, and much understated, part in the original and on-going development of the Gaelcholáiste. The current Múinteoir i bhFeighil is Lorna Ní Ghallchobhair.


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