Ganaraska River

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Ganaraska River
The Ganaraska River flows through Port Hope.jpg
The Ganaraska River flowing through Port Hope to its mouth at Lake Ontario
Name origin: from Ganaraske, the name for the Cayuga village at the river mouth
Country Canada
Province Ontario
Region Southern Ontario
Districts Northumberland County, Regional Municipality of Durham
Part of Great Lakes Basin
 - left North Ganaraska River
Source Ganaraska Forest on the Oak Ridges Moraine
 - location Clarington, Regional Municipality of Durham
 - elevation 344 m (1,129 ft)
 - coordinates 44°03′15″N 78°36′22″W / 44.05417°N 78.60611°W / 44.05417; -78.60611
Mouth Lake Ontario
 - location Port Hope, Northumberland County
 - elevation 74 m (243 ft)
 - coordinates 43°56′30″N 78°17′26″W / 43.94167°N 78.29056°W / 43.94167; -78.29056Coordinates: 43°56′30″N 78°17′26″W / 43.94167°N 78.29056°W / 43.94167; -78.29056
Basin 278 km2 (107 sq mi)
Location of the mouth of the Ganaraska River in southern Ontario

The Ganaraska River is a river in Northumberland County and the Regional Municipality of Durham in Southern Ontario, Canada.[1] It is part of the Great Lakes Basin, and is a tributary of Lake Ontario, which it reaches at the central community of the municipality of Port Hope. The river's name is thought to originate from Ganaraske, the name for the Cayuga village which was located at the current site of Port Hope.


The river begins on the Oak Ridges Moraine in the Ganaraska Forest[2] in the municipality of Clarington, about 1.5 kilometres (0.9 mi) southeast of the junction of Ontario Highway 35 and Ontario Highway 115. It flows southeast past the community of Kendal, takes in the left tributary North Ganaraska RIver, then turns south to its mouth on the north shore of Lake Ontario.


Portions of the Ganaraska River drainage basin of 278 square kilometres (107 sq mi) extend into the City of Kawartha Lakes; the Township of Cavan–Monaghan, Peterborough County; and the Township of Hamilton, Northumberland County.[3]

Natural history[edit]

There have been major conservation efforts in recent years.

It attracts anglers for salmon and trout. The Ganaraska River Fishway, a fish ladder, allows rainbow trout to travel up river to spawn.

Flood of 1980[edit]

The river had a flood in 1980, that caused considerable damage to the Port Hope downtown area.[4]

Ganaraska River at Port Hope

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