Gavin Dein

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Gavin Dein
Gavin Dein at Clinton Foundation 2012.jpg
Gavin Dein at the Clinton Foundation, 2012
Born Gavin Dein
Nationality British
Alma mater Babson College
Occupation CEO of Reward
Known for Founding of Reward Insight
Website Official site

Gavin Alexander Dein is a British entrepreneur and business executive, best known for his founding of the Reward Insight business and the invention of Cardless Reward Technology. The Financial Times has stated that Reward Insight is the largest sports loyalty company in Europe.

Early life[edit]

Dein is the son of ex-Arsenal Football Club Vice Chairman David Dein, who sold his shares in the football club for £75 million in 2007.[1] His brother is Darren Dein,[2] who is a football agent operating in Europe.[3] Gavin studied entrepreneurship at Babson College in Boston, Massachusetts, and has worked as Sponsorship and Fan Relationship Manager for Arsenal Football Club.[4]


Dein founded the company Reward in 2001, a loyalty programme management company.[4][5] The original model was to provide football fans with loyalty points when shopping at participating retailers, that could be redeemed towards football related rewards—tickets, meetings with the players, as well as other things. The company then began loyalty programs focusing on different entertainment industries as well, including cinema and cricket.[5][6] In 2006 Dein developed a new technology to track and reward programme member shopping without the need for a loyalty card called Cardless Reward Technology (CRT).[7]

The technology ties consumers credit and debit cards to offers and deals, so while making their purchases customers can receive rewards such as discounts or free gifts without showing coupons or a separate loyalty card.[8] In 2007 the innovation was nominated for the Best Industry Innovation of the Year at that years Credit Card Awards,[9] and in 2008 Dein was accorded the Young Gun award by Growing Business for his invention.[10] In addition to this programme, Reward also administers and runs the Barclaycard football credit card.[11] Then in 2012 Reward launched the NatWest CashbackPlus rewards programme, which provides personalized rewards for NatWest debit card holders.[12] Reward is currently the largest sports loyalty programme operator in Europe.[13]

Personal life[edit]

Dein has been in past relationships with Rachel Stevens[14] as well as model and sportscaster Tamara Ecclestone, to whom he was engaged.[15] He also sits on the National Development Board of the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC), and is Chairman of the Board for Schools Services for the organization.[16]


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