Gaylon Alcaraz

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Gaylon Alcaraz
Gaylon Alcaraz.jpg
Born October 26, 1970
Chicago, IL
Alma mater DePaul University
Occupation Executive Director of Chicago Abortion Fund
Movement Reproductive Rights, Community Organizing, Affordable Housing, LGBT, Women's Rights, Economic Justice
Parent(s) Juanita Hayes, Maximino Alcaraz

Gaylon Alcaraz (born October 26, 1970) is a community organizer and human rights activist in Chicago, Illinois. She is the former executive director of the Chicago Abortion Fund.[1] Her autobiography Tales of a Woojiehead was published by Blackgurl Press in 2002.


The Chicago Reader Newspaper - The People Issue - "The Activist" - December 2014 SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective - Women Warrior - November 2014 City of Chicago LGBT Hall of Fame - Inductee - 2013 NYU Wagner Research Center for Leadership in Action - IGNITE Fellowship - Women of Color in the Social Sector - 2013 National Organization for Women - Women Who Dared - 2012 Chicago Foundation for Women - Impact Awards - 2010 Choice USA - Generational Award - 2009 National Organization for Women (Chicago Suburban Chapter) - Fay Clayton Award - 2008


Gaylon Alcaraz received both her undergraduate and graduate degrees from DePaul University


In 1997, Gaylon Alcaraz became a founding board member of Affinity Community Services, an organization dedicated to developing leadership skills for black lesbian and bisexual women. In 2011, she became Board of Director for two organizations: Illinois Caucus for Adolescent Health and Midwest Access Project.


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