Genesis (DC Comics)

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Cover of Genesis #2 (Oct 1997), by Alan Davis.
Publisher DC Comics
Publication date October 1997
Main character(s) Highfather
Creative team
Writer(s) John Byrne
Penciller(s) Ron Wagner
Inker(s) Joe Rubinstein
Colorist(s) Patricia Mulvihill

"Genesis" was a comic book crossover storyline published by DC Comics in August 1997 that ran through a self-titled, four-issue, weekly limited series and various tie-in issues. The main mini-series was written by John Byrne and drawn by Ron Wagner.


The storyline centers on the New Gods of New Genesis and their enemy Darkseid and involves all of DC's superpowered characters. The storyline introduced the concept of the "Godwave", an interstellar phenomenon created from the Source that, on its first pass, created gods on various planets through the universe, such as the Greek, Egyptian, and Norse pantheons on Earth. The Godwave then reached the edge of the universe and bounced back, creating superhumans on its second pass.

The series focused on how the Godwave threatens reality when it reaches back to its starting point, disrupting the abilities of various superhumans, either neutralizing them or drastically altering them, and making humans feel like something is missing.

The superheroes of Earth and the New Gods of New Genesis battle Darkseid to prevent him from accomplishing his plan to seize the power of the Godwave. Darkseid's forces again stage an invasion of Earth before travelling to the Source Wall to confront the heroes.

Critical response[edit]

The series was critically panned for retroactively changing the nature of the powers of various superhumans by revealing that superpowers were manifestations of the Source in the form of a grand unified theory.[citation needed]


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