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Stompa, art by Gabriel Hardman
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance Mister Miracle vol. 1 #6
(January 1972)
Created by Jack Kirby (writer & artist)
In-story information
Alter ego Stompa
Species New God
Place of origin Apokolips
Team affiliations Female Furies
  • Immortality
  • Super-strength and durability
  • hand to hand combatant
  • can create earthquakes by stomping her boots
For the song by Serena Ryder, see Stompa (song).

Stompa is a fictional extraterrestrial goddess published by DC Comics. She first appeared in Mister Miracle vol. 1 #6 (January 1972), and was created by Jack Kirby.

Fictional character biography[edit]

Stompa was one of the most promising youths in Granny Goodness' orphanage. Because of her strength and ruthless nature, Stompa was trained to become one of the founding members of the Female Furies.[1] Proving her loyalty to Granny Goodness, she quickly turned on the former leader of the Furies, Big Barda, and attacked her on Earth. When Big Barda returned to Apokolips, however, Stompa joined her in the infiltration of Section Zero, much to Granny's dismay. Taking refuge on Earth, Stompa and the other Furies aided Mister Miracle in several missions and his work as a stunt performer.[2] Later, they return to Apokolips and suffer for their betrayal.

They are sent on a mission to retrieve Glorious Godfrey from Earth, and Stompa came into conflict with Suicide Squad. She battled Bronze Tiger, who was unable to hurt her and she quickly disposed of him. The Furies were then able to grab Godfrey and leave, but not without Bernadeth betraying Lashina. Stompa was indifferent to the situation between the two Furies, but when Lashina brought the Suicide Squad to Apokolips, Stompa immediately fought Big Barda, who had a habit of forgetting about her. Stompa was eventually defeated, but later resurfaced with the other Furies when they were sent to capture Mister Miracle.

Their adversary had ended up back on Apokolips while marketing soap that inadvertently caused peaceful feelings. They were successful in their mission, but during the ensuing battle, Stompa knocked free the cargo hold encasing the "cleansing soap." The Furies, confused by the soap, were then scolded by Darkseid and later punished. Mister Miracle is allowed to escape.[3]

Stompa has also battled Superman on several occasions, as well as his counterparts Superboy and Supergirl, Young Justice, and Martian Manhunter. During a skirmish with Batman and Superman on Paradise Island. Stompa and the Furies killed Harbinger. Moments later she was stabbed by Big Barda's lance. It was assumed she had not survived, but as a New God, she recuperated and returned to serve alongside the Furies. She appeared with the other Female Furies as they battled Firestorm and Orion.

In Final Crisis Stompa was one of the Furies whose spirit possessed the body of one of Earth's heroes or villains. Her vessel was Giganta, although she was called Gigantrix by her comrades. She wore the familiar skull-and-crossbones mask of her New Gods incarnation, and was defeated by Supergirl.[4]

Powers and abilities[edit]

Stompa is a massive woman and the strongest member of the Female Furies, she has super-strength and durability. She uses her anti-matter boots to crush her victims, and can create earthquakes or tremors by stomping onto the ground.[1]

Other versions[edit]


In the Marvel/DC amalgam series Unlimited Access, Stompa merges with the Blob and becomes a female villainess known as Blobba.[5]

Ame-Comi Girls[edit]

Stompa is a member of Big Barda's space pirates.[6]

Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman[edit]

Stompa appears in the story "Dig For Fire" in the anthology series Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman. After discovering that Wonder Woman had traveled to Apokolips to save two of her amazon sisters, Stompa along with Lashina and Mad Harriet tracked her down. The Furies refused to speak peacefully to Wonder Woman, and in the ensuing battle, the heroine was shot in the neck by an explosive dart from Bernadeth. Stompa threw Wonder Woman's body into the fiery pits. When the Furies reported back to Darkseid, he was displeased that they had killed her rather than executing her publicly. Wonder Woman, still alive, managed to save her sisters. The Furies once again battled the amazon, though the battle ended when Darkseid killed the two amazons and allowed Wonder Woman to return to Earth.[7]

In other media[edit]


  • Stompa appeared in several episodes in Superman: The Animated Series voiced by Diane Delano. Her first appearance was in the two-parter "Little Girl Lost", where she, along with Lashina and Mad Harriet, was summoned by Granny Goodness to battle Supergirl. Stompa was seen as the strongest of the Furies, though still no match for Superman. She also appeared later during the series finale two-parter "Legacy" where she and the others celebrated after Superman's success, and later attacked Superman when he betrayed them.
  • Stompa also appeared in Justice League Unlimited episode "Alive". She was seen on Granny Goodness' side when she had a Civil War against Virman Vundabar's forces until Darkseid returns and ends the conflict.
  • Stompa appeared in the Batman: The Brave and the Bold episode "Duel of the Double Crossers". She and her teammate Lashina served as members of Mongal's Furies. She briefly battled Batman, who defeated her with explosives.
  • Stompa appeared in the DC Super Hero Girls TV special "Super Hero High," voiced by April Stewart.


Video games[edit]


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