Geneva Academy

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Geneva Academy
Ponder Road, Lincoln, Delaware
Lincoln, Delaware
Type classical Christian
Established 2007
Headmaster James H. Dundas
Grades K-12
Color(s) Blue and Gold

Geneva Academy is a classical Christian school located in Lincoln, Delaware. The school was founded in 2007 by a group of homeschool parents, taking inspiration from Dorothy Sayers essay "The Lost Tools of Learning"[2], as well as Douglas Wilson's books, "Recovering the Lost Tools of Learning,"" and "The Case for Classical Christian Education". Geneva Academy follows a traditional education pattern called the Trivium. This pattern consists of three successive stages: grammar, logic (dialectic), and rhetoric. Geneva Academy is a member of Association of Classical and Christian Schools.

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Coordinates: 38°49′22″N 75°24′13″W / 38.82285°N 75.403547°W / 38.82285; -75.403547