George Edward Wade

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George Edward Wade
George Edward Wade working on statue of John MacDonald.jpg
Wade working on statue of John A. Macdonald
Born 1853 (1853)
Died 5 February 1933 (1933-02-06) (Aged 80)
Nationality English
Known for Sculpture

George Edward Wade (1853 – 5 February 1933) British sculptor, born in London. He was largely self-taught as an artist and is best remembered for his statues of royalty and politicians.[1]

In 1929 Wade had two works dedicated in London, to Catherine and William Booth. He was the first General of the Salvation Army and she was the "Army Mother." Mrs. Booth presents a "serene and matronly figure", while he is "an Old Testament figure with eyes ablaze, beard flowing, finger pointing, medals mustered, and a small prayer book in his hand."[2]

Selected works[edit]

“500 copies of his likeness of the pianist Paderewski went out to America alone.[3]
Another casting was placed in Portland, Maine, USA in 1917[4]


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