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German Roughhaired Pointer
03030288 Deutsch Stichelhaa.jpg
Other names Deutscher stichelhaariger Vorstehhund, Deutsch Stichelhaar
Common nicknames Stichelhaar
Origin Germany
Weight About 44 pounds (20 kg)
Height 24 to 26 inches (61 to 66 cm)
Coat Bristly
Color Brown, white, chestnut, or any combination of these colors. Eyes should be chestnut colored.
Classification / standards
FCI Group 7, Section 1.1 Continental Pointing Dogs, type Braque #232 standard
Domestic dog (Canis lupus familiaris)

The German Roughhaired Pointer (Deutsch Stichelhaar) is a versatile hunting dog that originated in Frankfurt, Germany. The breed was developed in the early 1900s and is a cross between German sheepdogs and rough-haired "standing dogs".[1]


The Stichelhaar is a medium-sized dog, weighing around 44 lb (20 kg). They are 24 to 26 in (61 to 66 cm) around the withers. The eyes are oval and chestnut colored and the ears are flat against the head. They may have brown, white, mixed or chestnut coloring. Their coat is 1.5 in (3.8 cm) long and bristly.[1]


Stichelhaars are tough and very dominant. They are very aggressive towards strangers and will accept only one master. This breed has not become popular because of a tendency to bite. They are better outdoor dogs.[1]


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