German air passenger taxes

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destination countries listed in:
  Anlage 1 zum LuftVStG → EUR 7.50
  Anlage 2 zum LuftVStG → EUR 23.43
  not listed → EUR 42.18

German air passenger duty are excise duties and other charges levied by the German government on most passengers departing by air, either in addition to the price of the airline ticket or incorporated into the ticket price.

Ecological departure tax[edit]

A departure tax is to apply for all departures from 1 January 2011. The amount depends on the destination country; the following table shows the minimum payable (agents may charge tax handling costs).

New Rate Jan 2012 onwards (lowest)[1]
Countries listed in Anlage 1 zum LuftVStG EUR 7.50
Countries listed in Anlage 2 zum LuftVStG EUR 23.43
all other Countries EUR 42.18
children under 2 without seat EUR 0.00

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