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Gestalt Publishing
Founded 2005
Founder Wolfgang Bylsma
Skye Ogden
Country of origin Australia
Headquarters location Perth, Western Australia
Publication types Comics, Graphic novels
Official website Official website

Gestalt Publishing is Australia's largest, independent graphic novel publishing house.[citation needed]

The company was officially founded in Applecross, Western Australia, on 1 July 2005 by Wolfgang Bylsma and Skye Ogden, although they had previously been involved in creating, editing and publishing underground and editorial comics since the early-1990s.

Gestalt operates out of Perth, Western Australia.

To date, Gestalt Publishing have published such notable books as The Deep: Here Be Dragons, Changing Ways, Eldritch Kid [1], Unmasked and Flinch.

Gestalt have published the work of many well-known creators, including Shaun Tan, Tom Taylor, Justin Randall, Colin Wilson and Terry Dowling.


  • His Dream of the Skyland
  • Changing Ways: Book 1
  • Changing Ways: Book 2
  • Changing Ways: Book 3, Chapter 1
  • The Deep Vol. 1: Here Be Dragons
  • The Deep Vol. 2: The Vanishing Island
  • Torn
  • Lark Case Files: Black City
  • Lark Case Files: Devil City
  • Neomad
  • Vowels
  • Eldritch Kid: Whisky and Hate
  • Rombies
  • The Example
  • Unmasked Vol.1: Going Straight Is No Way To Die
  • Unmasked: Caddy Full of Blood
  • Wastelander Panda Vol. 1: Exile
  • Walled City Book 1: His Dream of the Skyland
  • Walled City Book 2: Nocturne
  • Flinch
  • Character Sketches


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