Ghatotkacha (king)

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2nd Gupta Emperor
Reign c. 280 – c. 319 CE
Predecessor Sri Gupta
Successor Chandragupta I
Issue Chandragupta I
Dynasty Gupta
Father Sri Gupta

Ghatotkacha (c. 280 – c. 319 CE) was a pre-imperial Gupta king in northern India, the son of Sri Gupta, who is considered the progenitor of the Gupta dynasty.[1] Very little is known of him. He is mentioned in the Tumain inscription of Kumaragupta.[2]

Ghatotkacha was succeeded by his son, Chandragupta I.


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Regnal titles
Preceded by
Sri Gupta
Gupta Ruler
280–319 CE
Succeeded by
Chandragupta I
as Gupta Emperor