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9th Gupta Emperor
Reign c. 467 – c. 473 CE
Predecessor Skandagupta
Successor Kumaragupta II
Dynasty Gupta
Father Kumaragupta I
Mother Anantadevi

Purugupta (Sanskrit: पुरुगुप्त) (reigned 467–473 CE) was an emperor of the Gupta dynasty in northern India. Purugupta was a son of the Gupta emperor Kumaragupta I by his queen Anantadevi. He succeeded his half-brother Skandagupta.[1] No inscription of Purugupta has been found so far. He is known from the Bhitari silver-copper seal of his grandson Kumaragupta III and Nalanda clay sealings of his sons Narasimhagupta and Budhagupta and his grandson Kumaragupta III. From the Saranath Buddha image inscription, it is concluded that he was succeeded by Kumaragupta II.[2]


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Regnal titles
Preceded by
Gupta Emperor
467–473 CE
Succeeded by
Kumaragupta II