Ghost Train (Pleasure Beach Blackpool)

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Ghost Train (Blackpool Pleasure Beach)
Ghost train (Pleasure Beach Blackpool).JPG
Pleasure Beach Blackpool
Status Operating
Opening date 1930
General statistics
Attraction type Dark ride
Designer Joseph Emberton
Rows 2
Riders per row 2
Duration Approximately 4 minutes

Ghost Train is a dark ride attraction at Pleasure Beach Blackpool, in Blackpool Lancashire, England. It opened in 1930 and was designed by Joseph Emberton. It is notable as being the first real "Ghost Train" in the world, and the first to use the name of Ghost Train. It is one of the few Ghost Trains left in the UK that is not portable. It has also undergone several refurbishments over its years of operation.

Design and history[edit]

In the 1920s, "Pretzel rides" were becoming a big hit in the USA. During the late 1920s, Pleasure Beach decided to buy one of these types of dark rides. The designer, Joseph Emberton, called the ride "Ghost Train", based on the name of the popular play at the time, The Ghost Train [1]

Today, the ride consists mainly of special effects using luminescent paint, lit by blacklights. Many scenes in the ride are based on horror stories, characters or films, such as Dracula and more recently The Exorcist.

The ride has an open station, which is decorated with different creatures such as trolls, ghosts and witches (which have noticeably deteriorated over the years). The ride travels through the first section of scenes including a victim engulfed in cog wheels before going down a small drop in the station area, and pulling up again to go into the second section featuring spiders, an exorcist girl in her bedroom and 3 skeleton cyclists.[2]


The ride uses the song "Impressions of Sorcerer" by Tangerine Dream at some parts of the ride. The song was written for the movie Sorcerer, and notably the drum beat and electric guitar sections of the song have been removed for the ride.

"Real" Ghosts?[edit]

The Ghost Train at Blackpool Pleasure Beach is supposedly haunted by a real ghost - by the name of Cloggy.[3] It was originally a single level ride with no 'dip', does not appear to have deterred reports of it being haunted. The date of the last complete rebuild 1957.