Ghoster Coaster (Canada's Wonderland)

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Ghoster Coaster
Previously known as Scooby's Gasping Ghoster Coaster
Ghoster Coaster CW.jpg
Canada's Wonderland
Park sectionPlanet Snoopy
Coordinates43°50′38″N 79°32′46″W / 43.843794°N 79.546033°W / 43.843794; -79.546033Coordinates: 43°50′38″N 79°32′46″W / 43.843794°N 79.546033°W / 43.843794; -79.546033
Opening dateMay 23, 1981
General statistics
ManufacturerTaft Broadcasting
DesignerCurtis D. Summers
Lift/launch systemChain lift hill
Height12.5 m (41 ft)
Drop12 m (39 ft)
Length413.3 m (1,356 ft)
Speed56 km/h (35 mph)
Height restriction102 cm (3 ft 4 in)
TrainsSingle train with 5 cars. Riders are arranged 2 across in 2 rows for a total of 20 riders per train.
Ghoster Coaster at RCDB
Pictures of Ghoster Coaster at RCDB

Ghoster Coaster (formerly Scooby's Gasping Ghoster Coaster), is a junior wooden coaster located at Canada's Wonderland whose name was shortened to just "Ghoster Coaster" for the 2010 season, as part of the transition to Planet Snoopy.[1]

Ghoster Coaster opened, along with the entire park, on May 23, 1981 as one of the four original roller coasters to open with the park. The other three were Dragon Fyre, the Wilde Beast, and the Mighty Canadian Minebuster. All three wooden coasters were designed by Curtis D. Summers and built in-house by the Taft Broadcasting Company.[2] Some sources claim Philadelphia Toboggan Company (PTC) built these coasters, but PTC stopped building coasters in 1979.[3]

Ghoster Coaster was awarded ACE Coaster Classic status, but that status has since been rescinded as a result of recent changes to the coaster.[4]


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