White Water Canyon

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This article is about the water ride. For the themed area at Canada's Wonderland, see White Water Canyon (Canada's Wonderland).
White Water Canyon
White Water Canyon - Canadas Wonderland.jpg
White Water Canyon at Canada's Wonderland
Canada's Wonderland
Area White Water Canyon
Coordinates 43°50′23.66″N 79°32′44.73″W / 43.8399056°N 79.5457583°W / 43.8399056; -79.5457583
Status Operating
Opening date 1984
Kings Dominion
Area Old Virginia
Coordinates 37°50′19.54″N 77°26′52.69″W / 37.8387611°N 77.4479694°W / 37.8387611; -77.4479694
Status Operating
Opening date 1983
Kings Island
Area Rivertown
Coordinates 39°20′24.34″N 84°16′9.54″W / 39.3400944°N 84.2693167°W / 39.3400944; -84.2693167
Status Operating
Opening date 1985
General statistics
Type River rafting ride
Manufacturer Intamin
Length 1,678 ft (511 m)
Duration 5:20
Restraint style Ring in centre of boat and seat belt
Height restriction 46 in (117 cm)

White Water Canyon is a river rapids ride in the Cedar Fair parks of Canada's Wonderland, Kings Dominion, and Kings Island. It features six seat tubes. It is the one of the two rides at Canada's Wonderland manufactured by Intamin.


Kings Island[edit]

For the 2016 season, White Water Canyon received a new entrance at Kings Island.

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