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The town of Gibara
The town of Gibara
Coat of arms of Gibara
Coat of arms
Gibara municipality (red) within  Holguín Province (yellow) and Cuba
Gibara municipality (red) within
Holguín Province (yellow) and Cuba
Gibara is located in Cuba
Location of Gibara in Cuba
Coordinates: 21°06′26″N 76°08′12″W / 21.10722°N 76.13667°W / 21.10722; -76.13667Coordinates: 21°06′26″N 76°08′12″W / 21.10722°N 76.13667°W / 21.10722; -76.13667
Country  Cuba
Province Holguín
Established 1817[1]
 • Total 630 km2 (240 sq mi)
Elevation 45 m (148 ft)
Population (2004)[3]
 • Total 72,810
 • Density 115.6/km2 (299/sq mi)
Time zone EST (UTC-5)
Area code(s) +53-24

Gibara (Spanish pronunciation: [xiˈβaɾa]) is a town and municipality of the Province of Holguín in the Republic of Cuba.


View of Gibara

The main city was founded on January 16, 1817. It is also known as "The White Town", Spanish: La Villa Blanca. Gibara has a beautiful and breezy landscape, and also possesses excellent architectural designs and a well-planned layout of its streets, houses and parks. Even so, Gibara's biggest asset, according to visitors, are its people, which are described as cooperative, friendly, affectionate, and proud of their village and of its history. It is said Admiral Christopher Columbus had remarked of Gibara's environs that “it is the most beautiful land that human eyes saw.”

"The White Villa" in Gibara, although small, is said to possess a peculiar charm, exhibiting an architectural patrimony reflecting almost two centuries of history, as well as its people's cultural roots.

Currently, some controversy exists about whether it was the Bay of Gibara or the Bay of Bariay that Admiral Christopher Columbus' ships reached during his first voyage to Cuba.

Gibara was declared a National Monument in 2002; additionally, since 2003, the International Festival of Poor Cinema, where films are presented in a number different categories, has been held in this small coastal city.


In 2004, the municipality of Gibara had a population of 72,810.[3] With a total area of 630 km2 (240 sq mi),[2] it has a population density of 115.6/km2 (299/sq mi).

The municipality is divided into the barrios of Arroyo Blanco, Blanquizal, Bocas, Candelaria, Cantimplora, Cupeycillos, Palmita, Rabón.[1]

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