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The Gibraltar Local Disability Movement (GLDM) is a pressure group operating in Gibraltar that seeks to improve the lives of disabled people, promote equal opportunities and tackle disablist discrimination in Gibraltar.
It was first established in 1985 in response to Gibraltar's lack of infrastructure and facilities for disabled people. The Gibraltar Local Disability Movement ceased to be active for several years during the 1990s and early 2000s, but was reactivated in 2005 to address the situation for disabled people in Gibraltar, which did not see great improvement for several years.

It had become apparent to many in the Gibraltarian community, that disabled and the families of disabled needed disability issues to be addressed, as many had found that groups, or society, and even Government of Gibraltar had become distant. At present there is no way for anyone to know what the disabled allowances are, but it is expected that this will be rectified soon, thanks to the GLDM's work in advising the Government of Gibraltar .

The GLDM website was established on June 27, 2005, aiming to give people a platform to voice their views on local disability issues, providing a source of information on disabled issues.


The society's main objectives are:

  1. To work towards the elimination of discrimination against disabled persons;
  2. To promote the equalisation of opportunities for disabled persons;
  3. To take such steps as it considers appropriate with a view to encouraging good practice in the treatment of disabled persons;
  4. Make proposals or give other advice to any Government Ministers as to any aspect of the law or a proposed change to the law;
  5. Make proposals or give other advice to any Government agency or other public authority as to the practical application of any law;
  6. Work towards the elimination of discrimination against - and equalise opportunities for - people with disabilities. It will also promote good practice to employers and service providers, provide advice and information and advise the Government about the implementation of the Disability discrimination act.

There are no documented statistics of people with disabilities in Gibraltar. However, The GLDM can advise that there are currently 124 persons in receipt of a Disability Allowance. Also, the records kept by the Department of Social Security currently show that there are at least 51 persons who are visually impaired. Social Services in Gibraltar are managed by the Social Services Agency, a statutory body that operates within the provisions of the Social Services Agency Act 2002.[1] The legislation which governs disability issues is the Disabled Persons Act 1992[2] and more recently the Equal Opportunities Act 2006 [3] which prohibits discrimination in the employment and self-employment field.

Services for disabled people in Gibraltar[edit]

The policy of Social Services is to work to the spirit of UK Government white papers such as that on "Valuing People" [4] and to achieve the standards set out in the UK National Minimum Standards.[5]

Services for people with learning disabilities in Gibraltar come under the umbrella of the Gibraltar Social Services Agency,[6] a statutory body which operates under the provisions of the Social Services Agency Act 2002.

Dr. Giraldi Home[edit]

The Dr Giraldi home in Gibraltar.

The Dr. Giraldi Home provides residential care for 14 adults with learning disabilities. This facility is unitised into four separate self-contained apartments, one of which is used to offer a respite and sitting service. In addition, two other adults are supported on a 24-hour basis in a flat in the community and one child is also supported on a 24-hour basis in a flat in the community. Each flat has a senior social care worker with supervisory responsibility for a team of social care workers. The Team Leader of the adult social work team has overall responsibility for this service but is not on location. The Manager and the Deputy Manager are on location and responsible for the management of all the above.

St. Bernadette's Occupational Therapy Centre[edit]

St. Bernadette's Occupational Therapy Centre is a day centre for persons with learning disabilities aged 16 and over. Activities to promote integration and stimulation are provided in three units. The Centre opens during the academic year and provides a service to 30 users. The Centre is currently under review with a view to moving away from the academic model and developing into a resource centre which is open all the year round and which allows users to access a range of activities in the community as part of their programmes.

St. Martin's School[edit]

St. Martin's School is operated under the Department of Education and Training (DoET) and caters for the needs of children with learning disabilities. A programme of inclusion into mainstream schools is also operated by the DoET.

The Government also pays a grant to the local Disability Society which in turn manages a home help scheme for families of people with learning disabilities.


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