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WikiProject Gibraltar
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This WikiProject is about Gibraltar
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Proposed Gibraltar-related articles:

Buildings and structures[edit]

Public buildings and amenities[edit]

Historic buildings[edit]






Culture of Gibraltar[edit]






Bars and restaurants[edit]





Beaches and bays[edit]



Streets, roads and squares (images available)[edit]





Wrecks and diving sites[edit]

Detatched Mole[edit]

  • The Pilot Boat or Cormorant
  • The 'Inner' and 'Outer'
  • The Cannon Pile
  • S.S Excellence
  • Crest Reef
  • The Italian Chariot

South Mole[edit]

  • M.F.V Helen
  • S.S Rosslyn
  • H.M.S Stella Sirius
  • The Bristol Bombay

Rosia area[edit]

  • The Mollymock
  • M.F.V Okeanos
  • Seven Sisters
  • El Pipo (Norwegian Trawler)
  • The Inkwell Site

Camp Bay and Little Bay[edit]

  • The Seahawk
  • The Ark Site
  • Camp Bay Barges
  • 482M Cable Laying Barge
  • Little Bay

Europa Point[edit]

  • Little Europa Drift
  • Europa Reef
  • Los Picos
  • The Sherman Tanks

East Side[edit]

  • El Lomo
  • Peter Ives' Pinnacle, El Cortijo
  • Weaver's Pinnacle
  • Source: Phil Smith and Darren Fa. (2004). Underwater Gibraltar


















Overview articles[edit]


People from Gibraltar[edit]

People Associated with Gibraltar[edit]






Plants in the Gibraltar Botanic Gardens[edit]

See /Botanic Gardens


Which articles are likely to get plaques? Translations here can be used by tourists and locals (This is a work in progress - please add to the list)

  1. Alameda Gardens
  2. Alameda Wildlife Conservation Park
  3. Apes's Den
  4. Bayside Comprehensive School
  5. Bristol Hotel
  6. Cable Car
  7. Catalan Bay
  8. Cathedral of St. Mary the Crowned
  9. Cathedral of the Holy Trinity
  10. City Hall
  11. The Convent
  12. Europa Point
  13. Europa Point Lighthouse
  14. Explosion of the RFA Bedenham
  15. Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim Mosque
  16. Garrison Library
  17. Gibraltar International Airport
  18. Gibraltar Museum
  19. Gibraltar Parliament
  20. Gibraltar-Spain border
  21. Grand Casemates Square
  22. Great Synagogue
  23. John Mackintosh Square
  24. King George V Hospital (Gibraltar)
  25. Law courts
  26. Marina Bay
  27. Moorish Castle
  28. Napier of Magdala Battery
  29. Parson's Lodge Battery
  30. Ocean Village
  31. Queensway Quay
  32. Royal Gibraltar Police
  33. Shrine of Our Lady of Europe
  34. St Andrew's Church
  35. St. Bernard's Hospital
  36. St. Michael's Cave
  37. Trafalgar Cemetery
  38. Victoria Stadium
  39. Westside School

Some Wikipedians have formed a project to expand and organise information better in articles related to Gibraltar. This page contains their suggestions; it is hoped that this project will help to focus the efforts of other Wikipedians. If you would like to help but don't know what to do, inquire on our talk page.


This WikiProject aims to:

  • Put the {{WikiProject Gibraltar}} tag on the Talk page of all Gibraltar-related articles
    • The intention is to add the {{WikiProject Gibraltar}} tag to the talk pages of appropriate articles in all Gibraltar-related categories on this page.
    • If there are any Gibraltar-related categories which were not included on the page above, please add those categories here.
  • Expand the number of Gibraltar-related articles
  • Improve the quality of Gibraltar-related articles (see discussion)
  • Work towards the promotion of Gibraltar-related articles as "Good articles"
  • Create a Gibraltar-related "Collaboration of the Week"

Recent developments log[edit]

-- ChrisO 17:24, 4 March 2007 (UTC)

-- ChrisO 18:01, 4 March 2007 (UTC)

  • The list of image assets and templates has now been populated on the public watchlist. Next step - improving articles!

-- ChrisO 00:00, 5 March 2007 (UTC)

Region code[edit]

When adding coordinates to articles about features in Gibraltar, using {{Coord}}, the |region= parameter should be set to "GI".

Recognised content[edit]

Featured articles[edit]

  1. Featured article History of Gibraltar

Featured lists[edit]

  1. Featured article List of sieges of Gibraltar

Good articles[edit]

  1. Good article Europa Point Lighthouse
  2. Good article Flat Bastion
  3. Good article Flat Bastion Road
  4. Good article Fortifications of Gibraltar
  5. Good article M/V New Flame
  6. Good article Military history of Gibraltar during World War II
  7. Good article Moorish Gibraltar
  8. Good article Ocean Village Marina, Gibraltar
  9. Good article Twelfth Siege of Gibraltar

Featured pictures[edit]

Did you know (DYK)s[edit]

Formerly recognized content[edit]

Former featured articles[edit]

Former good articles[edit]


Active participants[edit]

To join WikiProject Gibraltar, edit this section and add the Wikitext #{{subst:me}} with your areas of interest to the bottom of the following list of participants. Participants should also place participant identification on their user page.

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  6. Biofoundationsoflanguage 14:18, 26 August 2007 (UTC)
  7. Leitz
  8. Ecemaml
  9. Inter-man
  10. GibCat
  11. Subtropical-man

Former participants[edit]

Thank you for your help! Please move your username back to the active list when you can participate again.

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Participant identification[edit]

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For other Gibraltar user templates see Category:Gibraltar user templates.


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More at Category:Gibraltar


Some stub categories to put Gibraltar-related articles are collected here.


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  • Peer reviewer - Provides hints and suggestion to improving articles.

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