Gift Horse (album)

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Gift Horse
Studio album by Lost Dogs
Released 2000
Recorded The Green Room
(Huntington Beach, California)
Genre Roots music
Label BEC
Producer Terry Scott Taylor
Gene Eugene
Derri Daugherty
Mike Roe
Lost Dogs chronology
The Green Room Serenade, Part One
Gift Horse
Real Men Cry
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 4.5/5 stars link

Gift Horse is a studio album by the folk rock band Lost Dogs. It was released in 1999 on BEC Records.

This turned out to be Gene Eugene's last album with the band, as he died in The Green Room shortly after its release. BEC Records retitled one song as "A Vegas Story" for the album's artwork. To this day, fans of the band continue to call it by its real name, "Free Drinks and a Dream". The song also goes by that name during concert performances and on later live albums and videos.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Ghost Train (To Nowhere)" (Taylor) (4:38)
  2. "Free Drinks and a Dream (A Vegas Story)" (Taylor) (4:53)
  3. "If You Loved Here (You'd Be Home By Now)" (Taylor) (3:09)
  4. "Diamonds to Coal" (Taylor) (3:44)
  5. "A Blessing In Disguise" (Taylor) (4:37)
  6. "Loved and Forgiven" (Taylor) (4:47)
  7. "Rebecca Go Home" (Taylor) (4:03)
  8. "Honeysuckle Breeze" (Taylor) (2:56)
  9. "Ditto" (Taylor) (4:18)
  10. "The Wall of Heaven" (Taylor) (4:35)
  11. "Farther Along" (Traditional, Arranged by The Lost Dogs) (4:11)


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Production notes[edit]