Giv'at Ko'ah

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Giv'at Ko'ah
גִּבְעַת כֹּ"חַ
Giv'at Ko'ah is located in Israel
Giv'at Ko'ah
Giv'at Ko'ah
Coordinates: 32°1′48″N 34°56′9.96″E / 32.03000°N 34.9361000°E / 32.03000; 34.9361000Coordinates: 32°1′48″N 34°56′9.96″E / 32.03000°N 34.9361000°E / 32.03000; 34.9361000
Grid position 144/159 PAL
District Central
Council Hevel Modi'in
Affiliation Moshavim Movement
Founded 1950
Founded by Yemenite immigrants
Population (2015)[1] 859

Giv'at Ko'ah (Hebrew: גִּבְעַת כֹּ"חַ‎, lit. 28 Hill/Strength Hill) is a moshav in central Israel. Located to the south of Petah Tikva, it falls under the jurisdiction of Hevel Modi'in Regional Council. In 2015 it had a population of 859.


The village was established in 1950 by immigrants from Yemen. It was named for the 28 soldiers (כ"ח is the Hebrew numerals for 28) from the Alexandroni Brigade who died in fighting at Qula during the 1948 Arab-Israeli War.[citation needed]

It is located on the land of the depopulated Palestinian village of al-Tira.[2]