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For the county, see Glacier County, Montana.

Glacier Country, Montana is a tourism region in the U.S state of Montana.[1] Glacier Country includes the cities of Missoula, Kalispell, Polson, Libby, Whitefish, Browning, Montana, Eureka, Montana and Thompson Falls. Glacier Country is home to Glacier National Park, and Montana's 2nd largest city- Missoula, Montana. The 2015 population of Glacier Country is 332,702.


Flathead & Lake Counties[edit]

Flathead, and Lake counties are usually the main play areas for Glacier Country, and are home to Glacier National Park. The main commercial centers for this region are Kalispell, and Whitefish. Kalispell is the Commercial core for Northwest Montana, and has a population of around 25,000 people making it the second largest city in Glacier Country, Montana. Whitefish is the 3rd largest city in northwest Montana, and has doubled its population in the past 10 years. It is served by the Glacier Park International Airport.


Missoula is the largest city in all of Western Montana, and the second largest in Montana. As of 2009 the city of Missoula had surpassed 65,000 people, and its county had well surpassed 100,000 people at around 108,623. It is the core commercial, and shopping hub in all of Western Montana, and 2nd in Montana. Missoula is home to Montana's largest on-campus state University- the University of Montana, which in 2010 had over 15,000 students. Missoula is also the largest Media market in the state. Some local news sources include the Missoulian, the Missoula Independent. Missoula is also served by the Missoula International Airport. Missoula has 2 semi-pro teams; the Missoula Osprey, and the Missoula Phoenix. Downtown Missoula is a thriving area, and is known as the main shopping district of Montana. Missoula's nickname is the Garden City for its vast majority of trees, and mountains.

Lincoln, Sanders, Mineral[edit]

Lincoln, Sanders, and Mineral Counties are the most as you would say Relaxed out of all regions. With small communities, and towns it is pretty easy to get lost in this area. Libby, Montana is the county seat of Lincoln County. Libby has a population of 2,626 people and is home to Marc Racicot. Thompson Falls, Montana is the county seat of sanders County. Thompson Falls population is 1,321, and is home to Thompson Falls High School. Superior, Montana is the county seat of Mineral County, and has a population of 893 people.

Largest Cities[edit]

City Picture city population (2009) Metro-Micro population
Missoula from mt sentinel.jpg
64,081 108,623 (MSA)
28,965 85,314
8,083 85,314
Polson 4,041 85,314
Libby 2,626 10,227

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