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Todd AO Hollywood today (former Glen Glenn headquarters) in North Hollywood. Note the "Todd AO" logo above.

Glen Glenn Sound was an audio post production company formerly located in North Hollywood, Los Angeles, California.[1]

The company was co-founded by Glen R. Glenn and Harry Eckles (sound recordist) in 1937.[2] It provided creative audio services to the television and film industry for five decades. The company was acquired by audio post production company Todd-AO in 1986.

Audio post productions[edit]

The Glen Glenn Sound company services have since been used on over 20,000 movies and television series episodes.[1]

It was occasionally billed (credited) as Glen Glen, rather than as Glen Glenn, most particularly in Popkin productions.

Movies and TV shows[edit]

Movies and TV shows with sound recording and/or audio post production services done at Glen Glenn Sound include:[1]

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