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Glenn Leopold is a writer who worked at Hanna-Barbera as a story editor, writer, character creator, and show developer.

As writer and story editor[edit]

As writer[edit]

Scooby-Doo franchise:


As character creator[edit]

As show developer[edit]


Leopold received a 1994 Emmy nomination for The Town that Santa Forgot.[1]


Glenn Leopold was also a member of the American band Gunhill Road, along with Steven Goldrich and Gil Roman. The band is most famous for their 1973 hit single, “Back When My Hair Was Short.”

The Smurfs (1981–1989)[edit]

Episodes written by Leopold:

  • The Winged Wizard
  • The Grumpy Gremlin
  • Peewit Meets Big Mouth
  • The Littlest Viking
  • Future Smurfed
  • The Village Vandal
  • It's a Puppy’s Life
  • Sweepy Smurf
  • The Horn of Plenty
  • Tis the Season to Be Smurfy
  • The Lost Smurf
  • Memory Melons

The Pirates of Dark Water (1991–1993)[edit]

Leopold contributed to the following episodes [2]:

  • King Niddler—written by Glenn Leopold
  • The Little Leviathan—written by Glenn Leopold and David Ehrman
  • The Dark Disciples—written by Glenn Leopold
  • The Game Players of Undaar—written by Brian T. Gaughan and Glenn Leopold
  • The Pandawa Plague—story by Glenn Leopold and Kristina Luckey; teleplay by Kristina Luckey
  • Sister of the Word—written by Glenn Leopold
  • The Soul Stealer—written by Glenn Leopold
  • The Living Treasure—written by Kim Costalupes, Mark Kavanagh, and Glenn Leopold

SWAT Kats[edit]

Leopold was story editor for all episodes. Here are the SWAT Kats episodes Leopold wrote [2]:

  • The Pastmaster Always Rings Twice
  • The Giant Bacteria
  • The Bride of the Pastmaster
  • The Ci-Kat-A
  • Enter the Madkat
  • Katastrophe
  • Mutation City
  • A Bright and Shiny Future
  • The Deadly Pyramid
  • Swat Kats Unplugged (short episode)
  • Caverns of Horror
  • Volcanus Erupts (short episode)
  • The Origin of Doctor Viper (short episode)

Leopold also wrote three unfinished episodes:

  • The Curse of Kataluna
  • Turmoil 2: The Revenge
  • Doctors of Doom

The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest[edit]

Leopold wrote three episodes in season 1 of The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest and was story editor for all episodes of the season 2 [2].

Season 1[edit]

  • Ezekiel Rage
  • Future Rage
  • Rage’s Burning Wheel—story by Glenn Leopold and Michael Ryan; teleplay by Michael Ryan

Season 2[edit]

Glenn Leopold wrote many episodes (not in order):

  • The Mummies of Malenque
  • DNA Doomsday—story by Robert Goodman; teleplay by Robert Goodman and Glenn Leopold
  • Nemesis
  • Eclipse
  • Village of the Doomed
  • The Dark Mountain
  • Ghost Quest
  • Cyberswitch
  • Digital Doublecross
  • The Haunted Sonata
  • The Bangalore Falcon
  • Bloodlines
  • Night of the Zinja

Bubble Guppies[edit]

Episodes written by Leopold:

Season 1[edit]

  • The Grumpfish Special

Season 2[edit]

  • Happy Holidays Mr. Grumpfish

Season 3[edit]

  • Good Morning Mr. Grumpfish
  • Come to Your Senses
  • A Dolphin is a Guppy's Best Friend

Season 4[edit]

  • The New Doghouse
  • Trick-or-Treat, Mr.Grumpfish


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