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Gordana "Goca" Božinovska (Serbian Cyrillic: Гордана "Гоца" Божиновска) (born 16 January 1965 in Western Serbia, Yugoslavia) is a Serbian pop-folk singer.[1]


Božinovska was born on a train between the towns of Kraljevo and Čačak.[1] She grew up in a family of four: father, mother, sister and herself, that lived in the village of Samaila in the heart of Šumadija.[1] Her father was originally from Gevgelija, hence her Macedonian surname. She completed her secondary education in Kraljevo where she also made her first musical appearance with the Abrašević culture group.[1]

After completing high school, Božinovska moved to Belgrade. Together with Vesna Zmijanac, she started singing in Lipovački cvet kafana. Her voice and looks attracted interest and she soon became acquainted with Šaban Šaulić who invited her to perform at his gigs.[1] In 1984, after giving birth to her first daughter Jelena, she took a break from a musical career.

Božinovska's return to performing was marked with an album recorded with Halid Muslimović. Two years later, she began touring with other famous folk singers. She met her future husband in 1987, with whom she had her second daughter Zorana, and son Mirko. Maternity forced her into another break, which this time lasted eight years. After divorcing her husband, she made another comeback in 1995.[1]

She married Zoran Šijan, who was the leader of the Surčin clan, he was murdered in 1999.[2] Božinovska resides in Surčin, Belgrade.[1]


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