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For the Herbert Chappell song, see Dawn of the Dead (soundtracks).
Australian fairground gonks from the late 1970s
A 1990s gonk, made in New Zealand

A gonk is normally an egg-shaped or spherical furry novelty toy with googly eyes and sometimes small arms and legs originally popular in the 1960s and 70s.[1] The term Gonk was also used as a contraction for Gonk Troll in the UK.

They were created by Robert Benson and Sheila Stanton. They were associated with Op art, hep and mod culture.[2][3] Gund sold Gonks in the US, including inflatable vinyl versions.[4][5] Gonks were also homemade.[6]

They were featured in the film title design of the 1965 film Gonks Go Beat.


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