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Gordon Quan (Traditional Chinese: 關振鵬,[1] Simplified Chinese: 关振鹏, Pinyin: Guān Zhènpéng, Jyutping: Gwaan1 Zan3 Paang4) is a Chinese American immigration lawyer,[2] and former Houston City Council member. He was the second Asian American ever elected to Houston City Council.[3] He was the first Asian American to ever be elected to an at-large position in the Houston City Council.[4] Quan also once served as the Houston Mayor Pro Tem.[5]


Quan was born in China, and he and his family later fled from China.[6] Quan's father was William K.Y. Quan, a native of Guangdong province and a cofounder of the Asian American Bank of Houston.[7] Since, at the time of Quan's birth, his father was a U.S. servicemember, Quan received U.S. citizenship by birth.[8] Quan's younger brother is Rick Quan, a sportscaster in San Francisco.[9] When Quan was growing up, his family was the only Asian American family on his block.[3] He attended Milby High School.[10]

Gordon Quan founded his immigration firm, Quan, Burdette & Perez PC, in early 1980.[11] Quan began serving as City of Houston Mayor Pro-Tem in 2002.[12] Quan once served as a Houston City Council member.[11] He served in the at-large Position 2. Quan's final term was scheduled to end after the November 8, 2005 city council election; as he was term-limited, he was unable to run again.[13] As a council member, Quan urged Asian Americans to become more involved in politics.[14] Quan had been elected president of the board of directors of the Asian Pacific American Municipal Officials organization.[15] After Hurricane Katrina occurred in 2005, Quan's office organized relief for Asian American businesses, community groups, professional associations, and churches.[16] In 2005 Quan's firm was one of the largest immigration law firms in the U.S.[4] In 2007 Quan's firm and Tindall & Foster PC merged, becoming Foster Quan LLP.[11]

As of 2009, Quan lives in an area near Memorial Park.[17] As of 2010 he lives in the Memorial area.[8]

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