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Gordon Roberts (born 1928),[1] better known as Gordon the Tramp, is a resident of Bournemouth who is famous for always knowing the correct time even though he does not own a watch.[2][3]

He is a well known character in Bournemouth with his large beard and Manchester United scarf, which he wears to all the AFC Bournemouth games.[4] Despite his nickname, Roberts is not actually a homeless man as he owns a house in Charminster, Bournemouth.[5]

Roberts became an internet phenomenon when Chris Kimber, a Bournemouth University student, created a Facebook page on his behalf.[6] As of January 2010 he has gathered an appreciative collection of 14,685 friends on this site;[7][8] fans have uploaded pictures of themselves with Roberts and added stories about meeting him.[6][9] The phenomenon has been widely reported in many UK newspapers and has spread as far as the Netherlands and Australia.[10] He has also been a subject on South England's Meridian News which can be viewed on video sharing websites such as YouTube. On 13 January 2010, a Facebook group was set up proclaiming Roberts had died of a heart attack. However, it was soon discovered to be a hoax and shortly afterwards he was found alive and well in Bournemouth town centre.[11] As of July 2011, an online campaign was underway to have Roberts carry the Olympic torch as it passed through Bournemouth.[12] The singer/songwriter Julian Barry who is also from Bournemouth wrote a song titled 'Gordon The Tramp' about Gordon Roberts.