Goreway Power Station

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Goreway Power Station
Goreway Power Station is located in Canada
Goreway Power Station
Location of Goreway Power Station
Country Canada
Location Brampton, Ontario
Status Operational
Construction began 4 Apr 2006
Commission date 11 Jun 2009
Construction cost $1.1 billion CAD[1]
Owner(s) Goreway Station Partnership (50% Chubu Electric Power, 50% Toyota Tsusho)
Thermal power station
Primary fuel Natural gas
Combined cycle? Yes
Cooling source Air cooling
Power generation
Units operational 3 × GE 7001FB gas turbines
1 × Siemens SST-5000 steam turbine
Nameplate capacity 875 MW

Goreway Power Station is a natural gas power station owned by Goreway Station Partnership, in Brampton, Ontario. The plant is primarily used during periods of peak demand. Gas is supplied by underground pipelines from the nearby Enbridge facility.[2]


At 875 MW the plant is the second largest gas fired station in Canada behind the Greenfield Energy Centre and consists of:

  • 3+1 CCGT with 7001FB gas turbines[3]


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